Visilife lowers cholesterol

Thanks to Visilife, cholesterol can be optimized without drugs, important clinical studies conducted in Canada have confirmed

At a congress in Belgium, world-renowned capacities in the field of medicine unanimously determined the No. 1 product in the world – Krill Oil (oil from deep-sea, Antarctic, shrimp-like Krill). Congress awarded it the prestigious prize for its extraordinary power and unique action.

The exclusive product in Bulgaria is known by the name Visilife. The power of Visilife far surpasses anything known to date. It is 48 times more powerful than fish oil and 34 times more powerful than coenzyme Q10.

As soon as it arrived in our country, the product won the trust of Bulgarian doctors. Besides prescribing it to their patients, they themselves trust it. Visilife lowers cholesterol, improves cardiovascular function, relieves joint pain and improves memory and concentration. And thanks to its strong antioxidant properties, it strengthens immunity.

Effective lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides

At high levels, cholesterol builds up and could clog blood vessels. Visilife successfully helps to bring cholesterol and triglycerides to normal.

“It is known that high cholesterol can lead to a heart attack or stroke. It accumulates in the form of plaques in the blood vessels and gradually clogs them.

In cases of mild to moderate increases in cholesterol and triglycerides, I prefer to prescribe natural products at first. Because of its high efficiency, I recommend Visilife. It contains a special type of omega-3 oil that is extracted from Antarctic Krill shrimp. The qualities of Visilife have been confirmed by a number of studies. There are data that when taking 2 capsules daily for 3 months, “bad” cholesterol decreases by 32%, and “good” cholesterol increases by 44%.

Visilife is an environmentally friendly product, without GMOs, and thanks to the patented technology for sealing the capsules, its effectiveness is even greater. Thus, the oil has fully preserved biological qualities and works at its full capacity. Given all this, the results are not delayed – cholesterol and triglycerides gradually enter the target values.”

Dr. Anastas Stoykov is a specialist cardiologist with over 25 years of practice. He teaches Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical University, Sofia

I lowered my cholesterol with a natural remedy

“More than 10 years ago, I was first diagnosed with a problem with high cholesterol. I had ventricular extrasystoles and went for a regular check-up. I was shocked by the results of the blood tests – my cholesterol was 14 mmol/L. I was prescribed statin treatment, 10 mg per day, and following a diet. In 4 months, I was able to lower my cholesterol level to 7 mmol/L. On the fourth month, I added a fibrate to the treatment. Unfortunately, along with the improvement in indicators came the side effects of the drugs – I felt dizzy and tired, severe muscle pain, so I stopped the fiber and the extrasystoles decreased.

At the beginning of 2017, in search of a more gentle treatment, I decided to try something natural and settled on Visilife. I made a regimen where I drank Visilife 2 capsules a day. I decided to cut the statin in half. I haven’t changed my diet and I haven’t deprived myself of small pleasures. I allowed myself a glass or two of wine sometimes. For three months I followed this scheme and after doing new tests, my indicators were wonderful – cholesterol had decreased from 7 to 4.5 mmol/L. I was surprised that Visilife, as an all-natural product, gave such good results. And the best part was that the side effects of the drugs disappeared too!

Since then, I have been taking Visilife in a maintenance dose of 1 capsule per day. I think I found the best treatment for my problem. I am very satisfied with the results and can safely recommend Visilife to anyone who has problems with cholesterol and cardiovascular activity.”

Dr. Slavcho Kirilov, pulmonologist, Sandanski

Successful lowering of blood pressure

The heart of people with high blood pressure works at faster “revolutions”, which leads to premature “fatigue” of the heart muscle

“The impact of omega-3 fatty acids on the blood has been proven by a number of studies. However, for noticeable results, high concentrations are needed, which are difficult to obtain with food. Therefore, those who prefer the natural way to maintain the blood should take omega-3 products. The most common fish oil and linseed oil are popular, but we doctors cannot rely on them for effectiveness because they have serious medical drawbacks.

So far, significant medical results on heart activity are observed from taking the special omega-3 product – Visilife. It contains a unique oil whose biochemical form is the same as the form of omega-3 fatty acids in the human body. Visilife is absorbed as well as possible by the body and thus provides the necessary concentrations of omega-3 even at low daily doses – 1-2 capsules per day. Compared to other products, the difference in the number of capsules taken is 2-3 times. Visilife has a pronounced effect on the cardiovascular system – it helps to maintain normal blood, to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, with atherosclerosis and heart rhythm abnormalities, etc.

Dr. Petar Dimitrov, GP, Vratsa

No more joint pain

If your knees “knock” or you often drop the objects you hold in your hands, then sick joints are calling. Inflamed joints swell and hurt even at the slightest change in weather, and every movement is suffering.

There is a solution, a number of clinical studies have confirmed. The most powerful natural weapon in the hands of doctors is special Krill oil. It reduces inflammation in just a week or two, stops pain and visibly improves mobility. In our country, the unique oil is known by the name Visilife and has already won the trust of local specialists.


Swollen knuckles and crooked fingers are the “face” of rheumatoid arthritis. It comes as burning and pain in the joints and adjacent muscles. With its unique composition, Visilife has been proven to improve the condition of the joints, reduce pain in the affected areas and help control swelling.

Arthritis (osteoarthritis)

A dull ache deep in the knee with any movement is a symptom of arthritis. Thanks to the special fats in its composition, Visilife suppresses inflammation. The pain gradually decreases, and the stiffness becomes a thing of the past. Even the most complex movements are possible.

“I use Visilife in my practice when I have to fight joint pain in my patients. I see very good results in chronic inflammatory problems and osteoarthritis.

In a daily dose of 2 capsules, the krill oil in Visilife suppresses inflammation and quickly relieves the symptoms of arthritis – as early as the first-second week.”

Dr. Anelia Angelova, GP, Burgas

Clear mind and good memory

The power of Visilife also helps with memory problems – it supports concentration and strong memory. It has a powerful effect – only 1 capsule per day is enough. Visilife has been shown to improve memory and increase concentration. It is also extremely useful for eye problems, excessive cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure and joint inflammation.