Tibanol is advised by Bulgaria’s infectious disease specialist

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Tibanol is advised by Bulgaria’s infectious disease specialist

Oct 9, 2022

Tibanol is the answer to the danger

Interview with Prof. Dr. Georgi Popov, Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic, “Sofiamed” UMBAL, Sofia.

The looming danger under which we live day after day (for more than a year and a half now) has made us value our health more than ever. Gripped by fear, we ask ourselves every morning if we are doing enough to protect ourselves.

For a comment, we sought the prominent infectious disease specialist Prof. Dr. Georgi Popov, who has been on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 for nearly two years, so it would hardly be an exaggeration to call him “the infectious disease specialist of Bulgaria”.

Where did these unusual viruses come from, why did they attack us right now?

The truth is that viruses have existed long before the appearance of modern man. Over time, we have adapted to coexist with them, thanks to our complex immune system. The emergence of new or mutations of existing viruses are challenges for our immune system. Our hectic daily life, stress and unhealthy lifestyle also have an impact and she is not able to react quickly and adequately to the danger.

And in that case, how can we protect ourselves?

The correct approach is to strengthen our immunity, whose working methods can be likened to “a well-organized group of professional killers”. Although quite colorful, the phrase vividly describes what actually happens when our immunity confronts an unknown enemy. A battle is raging, and in order to emerge victorious, our “immune squad” must be sufficiently numerous, properly armed, and commanded skillfully and with a firm hand. Balancing the immune system in response to an external threat has become a priority for scientists around the world. They concentrated on creating a tool to assist us in the fight to protect our health. The result, which was presented in our country under the name Tibanol, works simultaneously in two directions: 1. It contributes to the faster recovery of the body; 2. It has an immunostimulating effect. This made it necessary in my practice, and now among more and more colleagues.

What accounts for its effectiveness?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Tibanol stands out both with the combination of ingredients in its formula and with its technological specifications. This determines its qualities. It has the richest synergistic composition, including natural substances with proven antiviral and immunostimulating effects. Tibanol contains the extraordinary substance lactoferrin, which medicine calls immune factor #1, because its potential is great enough to neutralize any virus, while at the same time keeping immune reactions balanced and under control. What’s more, lactoferrin is combined in the product with an additional amount of colostrum, beta-glucan, ginger and propolis, as well as essential vitamins and minerals – including zinc and selenium. All this is in liquid form to ensure maximum absorption, and hence a faster and better effect. An additional guarantee for the effectiveness of Tibanol is provided by the special innovative double capsule, which ensures a two-stage release of the ingredients. With its help, the biological activity of substances is preserved and they are provided with unhindered access to the small intestine, where they are absorbed. As a result of all this, Tibanol helps in overall protection with full coverage. It is the most promising natural way to maintain good health, even in risky situations.

Is Tibanol only used when we are sick?

We must not forget that prevention is the best strategy against viral diseases. Therefore, I recommend Tibanol both as a prevention and protection against a possible viral infection, and as a means of effectively combating an existing disease. For prevention in risky periods, it is taken 10 days a month for at least 3 months. In the case of an already occurring disease, an initial 30-day continuous intake is recommended, after which the 10-day regimen is switched so as to stabilize the condition. In both cases, the dose is only 1 capsule per day. Tibanol is very well tolerated and is suitable even for people who take other medicines on a daily basis.