Professor reveals the secret of living vitamins


Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about a new kind of vitamins – Live. What is Living Vitamins?

No one imagines that vitamins “move” right?! (Laughs) Still, these are substances, not living organisms. And now seriously: the term “vitamin” comes from the Latin word “vita” = life + “amine” = organic substance with an amino group. Literally “vitamin” means “substance indispensable for life”.

The term “living vitamins” has not been used in science so far. In the specific case, the expression “living vitamins” is descriptive and directs attention to vitamins that “work” and that are “active”, i.e. bioactive vitamins. This biological force is called “aliveness”. In other words: “living vitamins” = “bioactive vitamins” = “working vitamins”

In that case, are “living vitamins” better than other vitamins on the market?

I can’t commit to grading “more” and “most”, but I can explain their advantages. The so-called “live vitamins” (this is the Live Vitamins product) are produced using modern technology for putting liquid substances into hard gelatin capsules. During their production, no heat treatment of the active substances was used. Thus, the vitamins and minerals do not are destroyed by high temperatures and their useful properties are preserved to the maximum extent.

Another very important difference between “live vitamins” and tablet and/or powder multivitamins is the liquid form. It guarantees easy dissolution of the ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract and full absorption and absorption into the blood. For example: tablets are subject to complex, lengthy and irritating stomach and intestinal lining processing processes.

From a medical point of view, an important quality of Live Vitamins is the well-formulated composition. It includes a total of 23 nutrients

12 vitamins + 10 minerals + coenzyme Q10

But the most valuable thing in this case is the precision in the selection of the ingredients. This makes the product completely suitable for everyone.

3 main advantages of Live Vitamins stand out:

  1. Functional liquid form. Facilitates the absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensures their optimal bioefficiency.
  2. Balance formula: It is in accordance with the physiological needs of the body (corresponds to the recommendations for food intake).
  3. Appropriate dosage. They are suitable for people of all ages.

When should we use “living vitamins”?

As a source of valuable ingredients, Live Vitamins is suitable for preventing and overcoming vitamin and mineral deficiencies; with vision problems; in support of nutrition to reduce the risk of cardiovascular, oncological, skin, infectious, blood and other chronic diseases; for optimal growth and development in children; creative and physical capacity. Live Vitamins is suitable for athletes, pregnant and lactating women, as well as the elderly, as it helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.