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Sopharma – Vitamin B Complex (20 tablets)




20 tablets


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Vitamin B Complex of the pharmaceutical company Sopharma is a combined drug that contains B vitamins and nicotinamide, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. B vitamins are also involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is used to treat conditions and diseases associated with a deficiency of B vitamins and nicotinamide.

Available in a pack of 20 tablets.


 Active substances:
 thiamine nitrate5 mg
 riboflavin1 mg
 pyridoxine hydrochloride4 mg
 nicotinamide50 mg
 The other ingredients are:
 wheat starch; cellulose, microcrystalline (type 101);
hydroxypropyl cellulose; stearic acid; talc;
silica, colloidal anhydrous; Polyvinyl
alcohol - partially hydrolyzed, talc, E171, E120,
E322, E110, E415, E132.


Important information about some of the ingredients of Vitamin B complex:

Wheat starch is included in the composition of the medicinal product. It does not pose a risk to people with celiac disease. Patients with wheat allergy (other than celiac disease) should not take this medicine.

The film coating contains the colorant E110, which can cause allergic reactions.