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SOpharmacy Probiotic + collagen (30 capsules)


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Suitable for long-term use, probiotic + collagen for women from SOpharmacy helps improve metabolism and peristalsis function. It favors the elasticity of the skin and the health of the hair and nails. It works against the appearance of cellulite and acne. It combines the properties of strains with antioxidant activity that help slow down the aging process. It also helps to balance the vaginal flora. With anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, which contributes to the reduction of infections by pathogenic microorganisms - Escherichia coli. One capsule contains 4 billion live lactobacilli and bifidobacteria from 7 strains of probiotic bacteria + prebiotic inulin. Suitable for use during diets and specific feeding regimes. Available in a pack of 30 capsules.


  • Lactobacillus helveticus h48 - significant proteolytic activity, favoring digestion processes and faster breakdown of food;
  • Lactobacillus  plantarum AC - antioxidant activity, neutralization of free radicals;
  • Bifidobacterium 3/15 - reduction of bad cholesterol, immunostimulation, production of B vitamins.
  • Streptococcus thermophilus t53 - activity against superoxide radicals, production of folic acid, activity against cellular aging;
  • Lactobacillus  gasseri 2379/9 - strong adhesion to the epithelial layer and suppression of the development of harmful bacteria, increases immune protection against pathogenic bacteria and viruses;
  • Lactobacillus  lactis 2378 - survival in the intestinal tract, alleviates lactose intolerance;
  • Collagen, type 1 - for the good condition of the skin, muscles, bones, as well as for the growth of hair and nails.