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SOpharmacy Magnesium with vitamin B complex for stress and fatigue (20 effervescent tablets)


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SOpharmacy magnesium and vitamin B complex, helps the normal function of muscles and nerves, including the heart muscle. They reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. It is recommended to drink in case of muscle cramps, stress and tension, as well as during intense physical exertion. SOpharmacy magnesium with B complex supports metabolism, keeps teeth and bones healthy and is a key mineral for the body. With a pleasant orange taste. Vegan product. Available in a pack of 20 soluble tablets.

Ingredients:  Acidity regulator (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate), magnesium sulfate, fillers (sorbitol, dextrose, maltodextrin), flavoring (orange), sweetener (sucralose), stabilizer (polyethylene glycol), color (beta apocarotenal), vitamin premix.