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Fresh and clean skin, no clogged pores, with a bright and clarified skin!

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Fresh and clean skin, no clogged pores, with a bright and clarified skin!

Oily or dry, acneic or calm, your skin needs deep natural hydration, with a comfortable feeling of lightness and freshness, without greasiness. The combination of the two products BACK TO BALANCE micellar water and BACK TO BALANCE moisturizing cream prevents clogging of pores, oiliness and by removing blackheads and inflammation!

BACK TO BALANCE micellar water is a treat that skin will want morning and night because it shrinks pores, reduces sebum production and cleanses without drying or irritating.

The bioactive BACK TO BALANCE moisturizing cream simultaneously nourishes and moisturizes it, while balancing the bacterial environment, controlling pathogenic bacteria for anti-pathogenic protection and a healthy appearance. Cleanses and refreshes the complexion. It has a slightly acidic pH, which stimulates the natural exfoliation and renewal of the skin, without side effects on health.

Over 99% natural origin. Clinically tested for effectiveness and skin compatibility products.

How to use

Start your morning routine by cleansing your face with BACK TO BALANCE micellar water on a cotton pad. Apply 1-2 drops of BACK TO BALANCE moisturizing cream, which is very light and easy to apply. The skin is deeply hydrated and balanced throughout the day. It feels light and maximally moisturized. Repeat the same care in the evening, when the skin is active and absorbs the valuable ingredients in depth. The products absorb quickly and do not leave a feeling of heaviness or stickiness on the skin.



Extract of the Peruvian mushroom (Fomes officinalis) : cleans the skin without drying it, shrinks the pores and limits the production of sebum.

Peptides from the ferment of the popular bacterium Leuconostoc kimchii: improve bacterial biodiversity and fight imperfections.

Lactobacillus and Bifidus ferments support the growth of beneficial bacteria and suppress the growth of pathogens for healthy, infection-resistant skin.

Prebiotics (gentle sugars and fiber): build the dermal barrier and nourish the beneficial bacteria on the skin. All active ingredients are clinically tested.

Ginger and grape plant oils reduce pimples, soothe redness and cleanse the skin. They preserve the bacterial diversity important for healthy skin.

Anti-oxidant phyto complex improves elasticity, hydration and regulates oiliness.

Proteins support hydration and stimulate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, improving the dermal structure.

Pure formulas with 99.2% natural origin. Without SYNTHETIC PRESERVATIVES, PARABENS, ALCOHOL AND PERFUME. All ingredients for harmless, no warning for use or sun exposure.