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SLIM EXTREME is the strongest weight loss product in portfolio. The product formula includes some of the most powerful ingredients for burning subcutaneous fat and controlling appetite. The extreme body weight reducer is recommended for people who want to lose more weight, have an enlarged stomach and a high amount of subcutaneous fat.

  • Significantly reduces appetite in the first days of admission;
  • Stimulates the burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • Removes excess fluids and toxins from the body;
  • Up to -15 kg with three-month therapy *;
  • No “Yo-Yo” effect;

One pack of SLIM EXTREME contains 60 capsules = 60 daily doses. The product can be taken according to the second Scheme: 1 capsule daily for the first 10 days, then continue with 2 capsules per day for a period of 25 days (35 daily doses).

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After a series of consultations with nutritionists and experts in the field of healthy eating, we were able to create a formula that will meet the demand of overweight consumers - to burn fat, control appetite, not require a strict diet and heavy training to achieve of the desired result and last but not least - not to endanger human health in any way.

SLIM EXTREME differs from most products on the market with its rich formula - we managed to combine in one product some of the most valuable ingredients to fight overweight. It is no longer necessary to combine several products to achieve the desired result and at the same time put your health at risk by taking incompatible extracts and dangerous amounts.

Up to -15 kg, without "Yo-yo" effect

  • The innovative formula is based on a combination of 5 components that guarantee fat burning and appetite control, while maintaining the results achieved and not leading to the so-called. "Yo-yo" effect;
  • The combination of SLIM EXTREME with a proper diet and minimal physical activity can lose up to 15 pounds of body weight over a period of 3 months;
  • Immediate effect on appetite in the first days of intake;

Innovative formula

The SLIM EXTREME food supplement contains hot red pepper extract, raspberry ketones, bitter orange extract, green tea extract and CLA - (Linoleic Acid) with Saffron seed source. The powerful formula of the product guarantees the achievement of the desired result with only 1 capsule per day. For higher results, the intake can be increased by 2 capsules per day, according to the described regimen.

Recommended intake regimens

The product can be taken in 2 schemes, according to the needs and goals:

  • Scheme 1: 1 capsule daily (60 daily doses per pack) for balanced fat burning
  • Scheme 2: 1 capsule daily for the first 10 days, then continue with 2 capsules per day for a period of 25 days (35 daily doses)

* For a longer period of intake, a break of 14 days after every third pack is recommended