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Sopharma – Rhinolex Ointment (18 g)




18 g ointment


0.04 kg


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Rhinolex of the pharmaceutical company Sopharma is a combined medicinal product in the form of nasal ointment, which is used in exacerbation of chronic rhinitis and sinusitis (chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa and nasal cavities), as well as in acute rhinitis (rhinitis).

Available in a package of 18 g.


The active substances are ephedrine hydrochloride 30 mg; sulfathiazole 50 mg in 1 g ointment.

The other ingredients are: cineole (eucalyptol), nialo (gomenol) oil, sodium bicarbonate; paraffin, liquid; lanolin; paraffin, white soft.

Alternative to: Vicks VapoRub (Procter & Gamble), Ephed Plus (DMD Pharmaceuticals), Sudafed (Johnson & Johnson), Neo-Synephrine (Bayer), Afrin (Bayer), Pretz-D (Blairex Laboratories), Nasal Relief (Equate), Sinex (Vicks), Otrivin (Novartis), Nostrilla (Insight Pharmaceuticals), 4-Way (Novartis), Rhinocort (AstraZeneca), Flonase (GlaxoSmithKline), Nasonex (Merck), Sinarest (Centaur Pharmaceuticals)