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HEPARIXIN is a new class of products – adjuvants. Adjuvants are natural products that are designed to work in conjunction with standard medical techniques in the treatment of certain diseases. HEPARIXIN is a bouquet of herbal extracts created according to the recipes of Acad. Hlebarov with proven action, thanks to which:

  • Improves the normal functioning of the bile;
  • Stimulates the secretion of bile juices and counteracts the formation of gallstones;
  • Supports the recovery of the liver after hepatitis and toxic damage;

The product is without a prescription and can be taken for a long time, as well as combined with other drugs and medications.

The recommended intake period is a minimum of 3 months.


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  • Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals and hepatotoxic metabolites;
  • Strengthens the liver and improves the normal functioning of the bile;
  • Prevents liver damage due to excessive use of alcohol, foods rich in saturated fats, or other toxic substances, including medications;
  • Neutralizes toxins that damage the liver and gradually regulates the activity of liver enzymes (alkaline phosphatase, ASAT, ALAT, GGT).
  • Improves lipid metabolism;
  • Stimulates the secretion of bile juices and counteracts the formation of gallstones;
  • Restores the liver after illness and toxic damage;


HEPARIXIN was created according to the recipes of Acad. Hlebarov

How to use

  • 60 drops 2-3 times a day, dissolved in 50 ml of water or juice;
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
  • For maximum results, experts recommend a minimum intake of 3 months. You may feel some of the benefits and improvements earlier;
  • Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet;
  • In pregnancy and lactation should be taken only after consulting a doctor;
  • Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age;
  • Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of small children;
  • Compatible with drug therapy, except as described in the package leaflet;
  • For complete absorption to occur, metabolism plays a unique role. This is the reason why in some people the effect is observed after the second week of intake, and in others within the three-month course of intake.



An herb that is used with great success in folk medicine in disorders of the liver and bile, chronic inflammatory processes, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, neoplastic processes, hangover, systemic use or abuse of alcohol and drugs, smoking, drug addiction, intoxication with certain substances and drugs, lack of appetite.


The “unknown” vegetable that contains cinnarine. This bitter-tasting compound, found in its leaves, is used by modern herbal medicine to improve the function of the liver, gallbladder and bladder, stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, especially bile and reduce blood cholesterol levels.


A miraculous herb whose roots act not only to purify the blood, but also to remove toxins and poisons from the kidneys and liver. They have been used for centuries for healing. Dandelion roots are recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems resulting from a deficiency of bile functions, as well as to stimulate appetite and urination.

Ethanol 62-68 vol. %


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