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FIGURAFIX is a new class of products – adjuvants. Adjuvants are natural products that are designed to work in conjunction with standard medical techniques in the treatment of certain diseases. FIGURAFIX is a complex of herbal extracts with proven action for:

  • to accelerate fat burning;
  • to speed up metabolism;
  • to increase thermogenesis;
  • to suppress appetite;

The product is without a prescription and can be taken for a long time, as well as combined with other drugs and medications.

The recommended intake period is a minimum of 3 months.


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FIGURAFIX is an all-natural food supplement with therapeutic and prophylactic effects on the human body. Thanks to its herbal composition, this food supplement works concentrated in 5 different directions, not only helping to reduce excess weight and melt fat, but also helps rid the body of retained fluids and toxins, and smoothes the accumulated cellulite on problem areas.

  • Fat burning.
  • Accelerate metabolism.
  • Appetite suppression.
  • Detoxification of the body.

FIGURAFIX is a fast-acting concentrated formula composed of all-natural ingredients.

When a person makes diets, i.e. starving, the body accepts that food is limited and that "hungry years" have occurred. This makes him resist and fight for every gram, and want it to be thicker, including the so-called FAT program (from famine and temperature, i.e. hunger and cold), in which the body drastically slows down the metabolism - a person sleeps, eats fatty and sweet foods. When fasting with the FAT program on, muscle may begin to break down, but not fat.

If a person still manages to lose weight, then his skin sags, because cortisol is responsible for the turgor of the skin, and in this program it is in large quantities. Biologists have found that the only working approach to regulating metabolism is to recode the mechanisms of biological defense through molecular reprogramming. For this purpose, they use compounds extracted in a non-thermal way, part of which are the constituent components of FIGURAFIX: Siberian ginseng, Astragalus, Garcinia, Vitamin C. The formula thus created is much more than a means to reduce excess weight. Combined with a proper diet and physical activity, it promotes the secretion of digestive juices and blocks the genes responsible for the production of fat cells.


The concentrated extract of Siberian ginseng in the composition of the capsules has the unique ability to bind to toxic cells and painlessly remove them from the body. This is due to the high content of enzymes that seep fat through the liver and thus rid the body of toxins.


  • Improving food processing;
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Increasing thermogenesis;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Detoxifying the body;
  • Stimulating the energy flow in the body;
  • Fat burning;
  • Weight control;
  • Lowering cholesterol levels;
  • Disposal of retained fluids in the body;
  • Fighting cellulite;

98% of our clients say that "FIGURAFIX has changed their lives!"


Modern nutrition offers hundreds of options for weight loss. But in fact, science knows 4 natural components much stronger than the other ingredients that can help the body get rid of excess fat.

  • The first - a concentrated extract of astragalus, known as the food of hunger - a unique means of reducing appetite and combating diabetes.
  • The second - a concentrated extract of Siberian ginseng, which has the ability to bind and remove fats and toxins from the body.
  • The third - a concentrated extract of garcinia, an exotic fruit that lowers blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.
  • Finally - vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, which removes unnecessary water from the body and strengthens the immune system.

The combination of ingredients is selected so that in the first place to reduce belly fat, the most difficult area. Most often, belly fat is the cause of uncontrolled food intake and can lead to diseases such as diabetes or overweight. Herbs help cleanse the liver, preventing the accumulation of fat. This not only regulates weight, but also prevents the accumulation of plaque and lowers blood sugar.


  • Step 1: Take FIGURAFIX in the morning and in the evening after meals
  • Step 2: Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Step 3: Avoid eating high carb foods
  • Step 4: Increase your daily physical activity

How does FIGURAFIX work?

First stage of action - Helps to cleanse the body. Up to 15 kilograms of putrefactive deposits have accumulated in the body, and there are poisonous toxins in the blood that block the burning of fat. FIGURAFIX helps to cleanse the body and then begins the stage of automatic fat burning.

Second stage of action - Automatic fat burning. The formula uses natural substances that literally break down fat cells. Thanks to them, in a few days you will automatically start burning fat 24 hours a day, even during sleep.

How to use

  • 2 capsules daily, after meals with enough water;
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
  • For maximum results, experts recommend a minimum intake of 3 months. You may feel some of the benefits and improvements earlier;
  • Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet;
  • In pregnancy and lactation should be taken only after consulting a doctor;
  • Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age;
  • Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of small children;
  • Compatible with drug therapy, except as described in the package leaflet;
  • For complete absorption to occur, metabolism plays a unique role. This is the reason why in some people the effect is observed after the second week of intake, and in others within the three-month course of intake.



Relieves hunger.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY – Astragalus is rich in antioxidant compounds that can modulate obesity and related metabolic disorders. Crocin is the main bioactive ingredient in Astragalus, which is a type of carotenoid capable of reducing fat absorption… Studies show that Astragalus activates receptors that play a key role in regulating glucose and lipid metabolism throughout the body.


Lowers blood sugar.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY – Siberian Ginseng / Eleutherococcus is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs that protect the body from the effects of stress and environmental conditions, including exhaustion, exposure to cold / heat, radiation and more. Studies show that Siberian Ginseng increases the energy, metabolism and physical performance of study participants. It also has a positive effect on their cardiovascular health, improving blood flow and pressure. In another study, triterpene triglycerides were isolated from Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus, which are known for their ability to inhibit the weight gain of mice fed high fat.


Removes fat from the body.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY – contains an impressive combination of stimulants – such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. It is also a source of antioxidants such as tannins, saponins and catechins. Studies show that Garcinia can suppress genes that support fat cell production and stimulate genes that slow it down. In general, Garcinia increases fat (lipid) metabolism, improves weight loss and increases the amount of energy used for basic metabolic function, such as respiration and digestion. In addition to burning fat, Garcinia can prevent the formation of fat by reducing the production of genes that contribute to fat formation and increasing the production of genes that prevent it.


Removes excess water from the body.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY – Studies show that taking Vitamin C promotes weight loss. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, reduces the absorption of sugars in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the metabolic activity of the liver, and increases the excretion of excess fluids from the body, and with them the accumulated toxins. Vitamin C has been the subject of a number of clinical studies showing the potential antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, aerosil.


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