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CARDIOXIN is a new class of products – adjuvants. Adjuvants are natural products that are designed to work in conjunction with standard medical techniques in the treatment of certain diseases. CARDIOXIN is a bouquet of herbal extracts, created according to the recipes of Acad. Hlebarov, thanks to which it contributes to the maintenance of:

  • normal function of the cardiovascular system;
  • normal blood pressure levels;
  • normal permeability of blood vessels;
  • normal hydration of the limbs;

The product is without a prescription and can be taken for a long time, as well as combined with other drugs and medications.

The recommended intake period is a minimum of 3 months.


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CARDIOXIN has a broad spectrum of action and can be used both prophylactically and in disorders of the cardiovascular system, brain function and some disorders of the endocrine system. Thanks to its herbal composition, CARDIOXIN supports the heart and protects the heart.


The combination of Ginkgo Biloba and Aronia helps to:

  • Improving blood pressure levels;
  • Maintaining normal permeability of blood vessels;
  • Maintaining normal hydration of the limbs;
  • Increased hemorrhage;
  • Improving blood circulation;
  • Improving the work of the coronary arteries;


  • For overweight people;
  • For people in adulthood and old age;
  • For people suffering from cardiovascular problems;
  • For people with reduced physical activity;


"In my practice I have encountered many cases of hypertension. Sometimes we manage to control high blood pressure with the right medication, but sometimes it is a difficult mission. Given that each patient is an individual case, it is necessary to use an individual approach to it. I recommend Cardioxin to my patients as a concomitant therapy to the drug treatment, and sometimes we conduct therapy only with the herbal combination Cardioxin.

Dr. Valya Grudeva, Lora Medical Center

"Significant medical results on cardiac activity are observed by taking the special product Cardioxin. It has a pronounced effect on the cardiovascular system - helps maintain normal blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol and triglycerides. In atherosclerosis and heart rhythm disorders, Cardioxin works flawlessly. As a cardiologist, I can personally say that the composition of the product is unique, namely it has given its way of action directly on the cells and thus guarantees fast and long-lasting results. The formula is absorbed to the maximum, thanks to its specific biochemical composition. "

Dr. Atanas Markov, cardiologist

The product can be combined and combined with concomitant drug therapy prescribed by your doctor, without the risk of side effects and harm to your health.

How to use

  • 60 drops, 2-3 times a day, dissolved in 50 ml of water or juice;
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
  • For maximum results, experts recommend a minimum intake of 3 months. You may feel some of the benefits and improvements earlier;
  • Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet;
  • In pregnancy and lactation should be taken only after consulting a doctor;
  • Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age;
  • Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of small children;
  • Compatible with drug therapy, except as described in the package leaflet;
  • For complete absorption to occur, metabolism plays a unique role. This is the reason why in some people the effect is observed after the second week of intake, and in others within the three-month course of intake.



The plant with the highest content of polyphenols (vitamin P) also contains flavanols, catechins and anthocyanins. Compared to grapefruit and grapes, chokeberry has 5 times more polyphenols. According to modern phytotherapy, chokeberry tones the body, restores vitality, helps overcome nervous disorders and fatigue, stimulates the regeneration of muscle and bone tissue, hematopoiesis and metabolism. Cleanses the vascular walls of atherosclerotic plaques, maintaining high elasticity and normal permeability of the walls of blood vessels. Lowers blood pressure. It is invaluable both as a prophylactic and in rehabilitation after stroke, heart attack and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Modern phytotherapy claims that it is associated with lowering blood pressure and removing blood clots within the cardiovascular system. These effects are extremely beneficial for heart health. Dilated blood vessels reduce the strain on the heart, while removing blood clots significantly reduces the chances of a heart attack or stroke. Studies show that ginkgo biloba is able to increase and stimulate blood flow to the limbs in the body, including the skin and major organs. The supply of oxygen to the whole body leads to an increase in energy and strength. This increase in blood flow helps people who suffer from poor circulation and limping, allowing them to walk longer distances without pain. Ginkgo biloba is often taken by people who suffer from gout, as it has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties.

Ethanol 62-68 vol. %


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