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BULGARIAN ROSE – Rose Original Night Cream (50 ml)

  • Deeply nourishes, hydrates and restores the skin
  • Shrinks pores, softens and regulates sebum secretion
  • Suitable for every skin type


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Additional information

Rose Original Night Cream Bulgarian Rose is a night face cream that deeply nourishes, hydrates and restores the skin. The gentle formula works at night when you are at rest. The apricot kernel oil contained in it shrinks pores, softens and regulates sebum secretion. Rose Original Night face cream Bulgarian Rose is suitable for any skin type. The refreshing and soothing effect comes thanks to rose water and rose oil. Vitamin A smoothes wrinkles, strengthens the cell renewal process and nourishes the epidermis.

The Rose Original cosmetic series of Bulgarian Rose contains products formulated on the basis of 100% natural rose oil and natural rose water, combined with specially selected biologically active ingredients. It provides comprehensive care for the skin and hair, nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating through the amazing properties of the Bulgarian Rose oil.