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BULGARIAN ROSE – Rose Original Body Lotion (200 ml)

  • Contains natural rose oil and D-panthenol
  • It tones the skin and provides it with the necessary hydration
  • Gives a long-lasting fresh aroma and softness


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Additional information

Rose Original Body Lotion Bulgarian Rose  is a gentle body lotion that has combined the fragrance and beauty of the Bulgarian Rose. Its formula with natural rose oil and D-panthenol tones the skin and provides it with the necessary hydration. The daily use of Rose Original Body Lotion Bulgarian Rose maintains the elasticity of the skin and gives it a feeling of long-lasting fresh aroma and softness. Useful D-panthenol helps retain and increase moisture in the skin, relieves irritations and minor skin injuries.

The Rose Original cosmetic series of Bulgarian Rose contains products formulated on the basis of 100% natural rose oil and natural rose water, combined with specially selected biologically active ingredients. It provides comprehensive care for the skin and hair, nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating through the amazing properties of the Bulgarian Rose oil.