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BULGARIAN ROSE – Herbal Care Rosemary Shampoo For Hair Prone To Dandruff (250 ml)

  • Enriched with rosemary extract
  • Makes hair healthy, shiny and silky soft
  • Prevents dandruff


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Additional information

Herbal Care Rosemary Shampoo for Hair Prone to Dandruff Bulgarian Rose is a natural shampoo for hair prone to dandruff, enriched with rosemary extract. Makes hair healthy, shiny and silky soft, while helping to prevent dandruff. Herbal Care Rosemary Shampoo for hair prone to dandruff Bulgarian Rose has a special formula that takes care of hair restoration, volume and strength maintenance and deep nourishment.

The Herbal Care series of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo is based on natural extracts that provide a sense of harmony and deep relaxation. Her products have a pure formula and are specially formulated to provide you with high-quality care from nature.