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BULGARIAN ROSE – Herbal Care Essential Oil Aromatherapy Clove (10 ml)

  • It has a refreshing and toning effect
  • Stimulates mental activity
  • It has a good effect on mood and self-esteem


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Additional information

Herbal Care Clove Essential Oil Bulgarian Rose has a refreshing and toning effect, as well as a characteristic spicy aroma that stimulates mental activity. Herbal Care Clove essential oil aromatherapy Bulgarian Rose  helps restore strength after nervous tension and fatigue, has a good effect on mood and self-esteem. Relieves toothache and gum inflammation. Another great benefit of it is that it keeps mosquitoes away if you scent the rooms with it.

The Herbal Care series of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo is based on natural extracts that provide a sense of harmony and deep relaxation. Her products have a pure formula and are specially formulated to provide you with high-quality care from nature.