BULGARIAN ROSE – Aromatherapy Candle Ylang-Ylang

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BULGARIAN ROSE – Aromatherapy Candle Ylang-Ylang

  • An exotic and tonic aphrodisiac
  • Helps to relax and eliminate everyday stress
  • It has an invigorating effect on the body and spirit


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Bulgarian Rose Karlovo



Aromatherapy Candles

Bulgarian Rose Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy Candle turns your home into a place of relaxation after a stressful day. The aroma promotes complete relaxation and removal of daily stress. The fragrance of the exotic plant invigorates the body and spirit and is considered a tonic aphrodisiac. Bulgarian Rose Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy Candle provides an effective way to forget worries and achieve peace of mind. The product has a fresh, yellow color, a very pleasant aroma and an interesting appearance. It stands out with style and is suitable for room decoration. The air in the room is fresh and pleasant.



Method of Use

Light the candle. Trim the wick to 5mm beforehand to avoid flame enlargement. Extinguish the candle when about 5 mm of wax remains.