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BULGARIAN ROSE – Aromatherapy Bath Salts Lavender (470 g)

  • They maintain the natural mineral balance
  • They give the skin a fresh and radiant look
  • They leave a gentle and soothing aroma


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Bath salts lavender aromatherapy Bulgarian Rose support the natural mineral balance of the skin and give it a fresh and radiant look. The salts are infused with lavender essential oil, which leaves a gentle, soothing aroma and helps nourish and regenerate the skin. Bath Salts Aromatherapy Lavender Bulgarian Rose are distinguished by countless useful qualities. Adding them is a very easy and effective method of aromatherapy at home. They help improve blood circulation and the body's metabolic processes. The muscles relax and the body is relieved of stress. Salts have the ability to cleanse the skin of dead cells and aid in detoxification. Thus, the structure of the epidermis is restored. They also have a beneficial effect on the mental state - their aroma helps in better relaxation and charging with positive energy.