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ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR is a new class of products – adjuvants. Adjuvants are natural products that are designed to work in conjunction with standard medical techniques in the treatment of certain diseases.

ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR is a complex of herbal extracts with proven action, thanks to which:

  • Helps maintain healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons;
  • Contributes to relieving joint discomfort;
  • Improves joint mobility;
  • Supports the mechanical and elastic properties of the articular cartilage, and the smooth movement in the joints;
  • Suitable for athletes and people performing heavy physical work;
  • Protects joints;
  • Has a positive effect on joint fluid and cartilage;
  • Contributes to the recovery processes throughout the joint;

The product is without a prescription and can be taken for a long time, as well as combined with other drugs and medications.

The recommended intake period is a minimum of 3 months.


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ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR is a natural tool for maintaining the normal function and integrity of joints and bones. Improves blood circulation and delivers valuable nutrients to all joints and cartilage. Thanks to the highly concentrated Boswellia extract, ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR helps to reduce inflammatory processes, thus actively dealing with pain and stiffness. Unlike ordinary gels and balms, ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR is a 100% natural super formula that acts in depth, improves body functions, activates the process of cartilage repair and initiates the production of synovial fluid.


  • Stimulating the intensive production of collagen, thanks to which it eliminates joint pain;
  • Increase in the amount of synovial fluid produced by 47%, as a result of which the joints regain lost mobility;
  • Restore and strengthen the fibers and thus the joints become elastic again;
  • Eliminate inflammation and eliminate joint pain;
  • Participation in the construction of articular cartilage;
  • Assistance in improving joint lubrication;
  • Prevention of degenerative processes of the joints and increases their functional capacity;
  • It is suitable for premature wear of the joints and spine;
  • Supply of the body with calcium and phosphorus of plant origin;
  • Musculoskeletal support;


ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR delivers the glucosamine necessary for the body and thus helps to:

  • cartilage tissue building;
  • in joint injuries and inflammations;
  • reduction of joint and spine pain;
  • rapid healing of wounds on the body;
  • strengthening joints and articular cartilage;
  • providing comfort to athletes and people leading an active lifestyle;


  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gonarthrosis
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Reduced joint mobility
  • Back and lower back pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Other degenerative problems of the musculoskeletal system


Thanks to the herbal complex it is expected:

REDUCTION OF PAIN - Improving blood flow in the joints. It is rich in oleuropein - a powerful immunostimulant, effective against a number of infections, including fungal. It is effective in most joint inflammations and injuries and helps reduce pain and swelling. During the first month of taking ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR, the joints will be strengthened, and the pain and the reasons for their appearance will be systematically eliminated. With each passing day, the pain and stiffness in the joints will decrease and there is a restoration of mobility.

CELL STIMULATION - A very important condition for our flexibility and mobility is the good condition of the articular cartilage, which serves as a buffer, softening the blows between the bones and facilitating the movement in the joints. Articular cartilage is made up of connective tissue rich in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and water. These ingredients are critical to its strength and elasticity. ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR contains substances that provide optimal nourishment and recovery of cartilage tissue. Even the best preparation could not prevent degeneration of the joints if the body is not stimulated to produce collagen, synovial fluid and regeneration of articular cartilage. Most remedies will only temporarily mask the signs of joint degeneration. Over time, all the micro-cavities and injuries on the joints will come to light and if you do not take measures in time, they will bring you even more pain and physical limitation. The ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR formula acts on a nano cellular level. Stops the degenerative processes affecting the joints and initiates the process of their automatic recovery. Instead of just suppressing the problem, it activates the cells. The body begins to repair the joints on its own. The recovery process is like that of youth. Restores the right level of collagen and synovial fluid in just three weeks!

JOINT UNLOCK - Everyone wants to be flexible and agile, but over time it becomes more difficult. Stress, trauma, inflammation and age affect us all. To maintain your joints, proper nutritional supplements are a must. The content of glucosamine in ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR is significantly higher compared to the mass supplements on the market. Glucosamine is normally produced in our body and is involved in the construction of joint structures - cartilage, ligaments, capsules and synovial fluid. It makes the joints both stronger and more flexible, as it is responsible for the sufficient water content of the cartilage. With age, our ability to synthesize glucosamine decreases, our joints dry out, cartilage tissue thins and wears out. This leads to pain, inflammation, degeneration and limited mobility. The only solution is to take glucosamine supplements, as ordinary foods contain almost no glucosamine. ARTHROFIX REGENERATOR reduces inflammation and pain without side effects, regenerates joint surfaces, improves the quality of joint fluid and restores mobility and flexibility. Its effect is fast and safe for everyone. During the fourth week of therapy, the joints are unblocked and the elasticity is completely restored. Thanks to this, the elbows, pelvis, knees, spine and shoulder joints regain full mobility - without pain and without any restrictions.

How to use

  • 2 capsules daily, after meals with enough water;
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose;
  • For maximum results, experts recommend a minimum intake of 3 months. You may feel some of the benefits and improvements earlier;
  • Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet;
  • In pregnancy and lactation should be taken only after consulting a doctor;
  • Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age;
  • Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of small children;
  • Compatible with drug therapy, except as described in the package leaflet;
  • For complete absorption to occur, metabolism plays a unique role. This is the reason why in some people the effect is observed after the second week of intake, and in others within the three-month course of intake.



Modern science studies with interest the rich composition of Boswellia, defines it as a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory agent without any negative side effects. Having the ability to:

  • Reduces arthritis pain
  • Helps protect cartilage and joint tissue
  • Reduces the frequency of asthma attacks
  • Prevents premature “wear” of the joints and spine
  • Affects the symptoms of inflammation of the intestines, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease


Is a natural component of connective tissue. Helps maintain healthy joints and tendons. Glucosamine is a substance that is synthesized naturally in the body. It is used to slow down the damage caused by arthritis, but it can also help athletes who have joint pain. It is formed by combining glucose with the amino acid glutamine. It is an integral part of joints, cartilage, cells and connective tissue in general. Maintains the health of joints, tissues and cartilage.


Modern phytotherapy for gout is recommended, as it helps to remove toxins from the body and its proper drainage. Helps to quickly reduce swelling in the extremities. Horsetail is extremely rich in silicon – a trace element involved in maintaining the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, aerosil.


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