MagCombo (Magnesium Complex) Works Doctors Confirmed

MagCombo (Magnesium Complex) is used for muscle cramps and trauma, depression and cardiac disorders

Doctors from different specialties came together and chose their favorite. Having faced many things in their practice, they are categorical – magnesium oil effectively copes with muscle cramps, depression and even some cardiac disorders.

Thanks to its oil formula, the special development, known in our country under the name MagCombo, is very well absorbed by the body and works extremely efficiently. The efficacy of MagCombo has also been supported by patients who see it as a strong trump card against many ailments.


Whether because of the stressful everyday life or because of the low quality of the food, or maybe because of both, complaints of fatigue, insomnia, cramps and tingling became more frequent in the office of the general practitioner from Burgas, Dr. Stella Yankova. To overcome them, she found a reliable helper in the person of MagCombo. He won her trust not only because of his exceptional quality, but because with him she achieves the most important thing – the good health of her patients.

MagCombo is effective for cramps and insomnia

I work as a general practitioner and in the office, I am visited daily by patients with complaints of a diverse nature. In cases of general exhaustion, fatigue, insomnia, muscle weakness, pains and cramps, numbness of the hands, etc., which clearly indicate a lack of magnesium in the body, I prescribe MagCombo (Magnesium Complex). It stands out among other products with its high content of pure magnesium, as well as with its complex formula, including optimal doses of vitamins C, B2, B6 and B12.

My observations show conclusively that regular intake of MagCombo increases magnesium levels in the blood. Thus, it directly affects the appearance, duration and strength of muscle cramps. Additionally, it improves the tone and the nervous-mental state. Patients are also satisfied with MagCombo because it guarantees fast and stable results with just 1 capsule per day.

Dr. Stella Yankova, general practitioner, DKC 2, Burgas

It was the charming Magdalena Gogova from Sofia and the smiling Atche Yusein from Stara Zagora who managed to get rid of the cramps, who found their savior in the face of MagCombo. Once the excruciating spasms are over, they enjoy a pain-free life. They are joined by the revivalist Zlatka Kalajdzhieva from Panagyurishte, who, defeating night cramps, secured quality sleep at night – the necessary condition for good health and a fulfilling life.

With the MagCombo I felt the difference – the grip went away

As I passed my 40s, muscle cramps became more frequent – especially in my calves. My GP told me to take magnesium. I’ve had several products where I was taking a handful of tablets every day. And their effect was not much. Therefore, when the pharmacist recommended to me MagCombo, of which you drink only 1 capsule a day, I immediately bought it. I have been taking it for 2 months now and I can definitely say that I have felt the difference. It just works – I have no ideas and I feel great.

Magdalena Gogova, Sofia, 46 years old.

MagCombo brought me great relief

I had severe muscle pain in my leg. I sought help from a specialist neurologist. Then she prescribed me to drink the magnesium complex MagCombo. Already after the fifth capsule, I started to feel an improvement – my pains decreased and I felt better. I have been drinking them for a month and will continue. According to the doctor’s recommendation, in order to achieve the best effect and permanence of the results, it is good to take them for at least three months. I am following this advice because I can see there is real benefit to the MagCombo. There is no mention of the pain in my leg anymore, the cramps stopped bothering me. The results are there and I feel great. I am very satisfied, MagCombo has brought me great relief. I highly recommend it.

Atche Yusein, Stara Zagora, 52 years old.

My dream became complete

My leg muscles used to lock up all the time, and it was worst in the middle of the night. The foot and calf would cramp several times when I lay down. It was a lot of torture, I would get out of bed, walk around the house for hours until he relaxed me. Due to stress and fatigue, I only slept for two hours. I’ve been trying to find relief with a few magnesium supplements, but to no avail.

One day I came across information about MagCombo on the Internet. The night before, I hadn’t blinked from pain and massaging my calves all evening, and I decided to give it a try. Already on the fifth day I felt a change in my condition. The cramps started to relax me. I’ve been drinking it for almost two months. My sleep became complete, calm and the concepts are gone. I feel very well. For me, the effect of taking MagCombo is huge, I strongly recommend it to people with problems like mine. I know it needs to be taken for at least 3 months for a lasting effect and I keep taking it to consolidate the improvement.

Zlatka Kalaidzhieva, Panagyurishte, 43 years old.


If a person has reached the clinical path for rehabilitation, then he has passed through the office of either a traumatologist or a neurologist. Either way, however, the situation is equally unpleasant – the muscles “don’t listen to us”. It is in these cases that Dr. Zoya Alyakova, a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, who passed the schooling of the Metropolitan Military Medical Academy (MMA) as head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, strongly recommends MagCombo. Applied in a dose of 1 capsule per day in parallel with established procedures, it not only improves the results, but significantly accelerates the recovery process.

MagCombo returns the sensitivity of the limbs more quickly

Patients come to my office daily complaining of cramps, reduced sensitivity in the limbs, tingling and other muscle ailments, which are often the result of neurological diseases such as plexitis, radiculitis, disc herniation, etc. The therapy in these cases is complex, and in addition to physical procedures, I definitely recommend taking magnesium. The one with the best results I report on my patients is MagCombo (Magnesium Complex). MagCombo contains a high amount of pure magnesium, which is absorbed to the maximum extent by the body, and the effect is noticed quickly. In addition, because of its B vitamin-rich formula, it helps calm nerve endings.


I also apply MagCombo to individuals with fractures whose limbs have been immobilized for a long time as part of a rehabilitation program to regain normal mobility and sensitivity of the limb. My observations confirm that MagCombo  works effectively and lives up to both my expectations and those of my patients.

Dr. Zoya Alyakova, specialist Physical and rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture and moxa, individual practice in the hospital. “Beli Brezi”, “Bitolya” St., bl. 32, Sofia

The same observations are made by Krasimir Garchev, a resident of Sofia, who has been struggling with the consequences of a stroke on muscle activity for two years. Having been through the worst, his case is more than indicative of the effectiveness of the MagCombo.

MagCombo is helping me overcome the effects of the stroke

I had a stroke 2 years ago. As a result, I had difficulty walking, my muscles often stiffened, I suffered from cramps. I tried various supplements to deal with the pain, with almost no results. One day I came across an ad for MagCombo on the Internet and decided to try it out to see if it would help. The result impressed me. I’ve only had 2 packs and I’m already making a big improvement. I continue with MagCombo. I am satisfied with his help.

Krasimir Garchev, Sofia, 64 years old.


Discomfort in the muscles is not a “privilege” of older people only – even 20-year-olds complain about it, especially when they follow all the rules of a healthy lifestyle and do active sports. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a dedicated athlete or you train from time to time to tone up, MagCombo is the thing that will both get rid of muscle fever and protect yourself from injuries.

MagCombo reduces the risk of muscle injuries

MagCombo (Magnesium Complex) is widely used in my therapeutic and restorative programs related to my daily work with young people who actively play sports. I chose it because it has an expertly formulated formulation that fully meets the needs of athletes.

With its high magnesium content, MagCombo supports proper recovery after exercise and reduces the risk of muscle strains, spasms and tears. Combining it with vitamins B2, B6 and B12 ensures good muscle growth. With just 1 capsule of MagCombo a day, I achieve the two most important things for an athlete – better performance and full recovery.

Dr. Stamen Iliev, doctor at the General Hospital of the PFC Levski, Sofia


It’s hard to believe, but depression is the second most common disease after cardiovascular problems. Although it is still considered a taboo topic in our country, more and more people are realizing the importance of mental balance. And the best thing is that nature has given us the strongest antidepressant – magnesium. By delivering concentrated amounts of magnesium to the body, MagCombo is a strong trump card in our hands, from which even professionals benefit, such as the psychiatrist Dr. Silvia Vasileva from Sofia, who has repeatedly faced depression face to face.

MagCombo has proven itself in my practice

In my practice as a psychiatrist, I see patients suffering from anxiety-depressive disorders on a daily basis. These states are expressed by a constant feeling of sadness, anxiety or emptiness; loss of interest in activities that were once interesting or enjoyable, including decreased libido; unusual tiredness, feeling sluggish; sleep disorders – insomnia, early awakening or excessive sleep; social withdrawal; difficulty concentrating, memory or making decisions; unusual restlessness or irritability; persistent physical problems such as headaches, digestive disorders or chronic pain that do not respond to prescribed treatment.

Given the delicacy of these conditions, their treatment is multi-component and may include both medications and practices, as well as natural remedies. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to magnesium – the natural substance with the most promising results – in the world psychiatric practice.

As a product that fully meets the criteria for the effectiveness of the therapy, the food supplement MagCombo has proven itself in my practice. I use MagCombo, alone or in combination with one of the other approaches, in therapeutic schemes to overcome depressive states of varying degrees, as well as in cases of temporary emotional disorders. The observed results after a 3-month course of administration are good, with some patients reporting a noticeable improvement in their condition already after the first 30 days. MagCombo is well tolerated by patients, there are no negative effects. The good results achieved do not differ according to factors such as gender, age, profession, etc. My experience has shown that the product works and I can trust it.

Dr. Silvia Vasileva, psychiatrist, Intermedika Medical Center, 62 Nishava St., Sofia

Dr. Vasileva’s conclusions regarding the effectiveness of MagCombo are also confirmed by the personal experience of Mr. Germanov from the city of roses. Having experienced what stress is, he is one of those people who knows what it’s like to go from office to office and how it can affect the psyche.

I drastically reduced my anti-anxiety meds

My story began 3 years ago. Until then, I didn’t know what stress and fatigue were. I was very energetic. However, one day, as I was working, I suddenly felt dizzy, chest tightness, shortness of breath, my legs went numb. And from there I started going to doctors – I went through three cardiologists, two neurologists, a traumatologist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and do I know if I’m missing someone else. Everyone said I was imagining things and I was fine. My heart rate started to go up to 130bpm and I was prescribed a beta blocker which I take to this day. I was prescribed more medication for anxiety and panic attacks, which I continue to take to this day.

For the leg problems, I was taking a popular magnesium product, but the improvement was minimal. Then I changed it to another type of magnesium, it had some effect, but again not enough. Then an acquaintance of mine, who is a master pharmacist and manager of the chain of pharmacies where I buy my medicines, recommended MagCombo to me. I have complete trust in her and started drinking it.

Second month on it and I’m almost as well as before my problems started. The numbness in my limbs is gone, I have restful sleep, I don’t get angry, I’ve even drastically reduced my anti-anxiety meds. Taking MagCombo makes me feel great and I have strength and energy.

Gennady Germanov, Kazanlak, 52 years old.


It is no secret to anyone how important an organ the heart is. Have you ever wondered what it actually is? The heart is the strongest muscle in our body, and its “work shifts” are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A load that can easily disable even the best machine.

Therefore, in order to withstand the load and not fail us, the heart needs daily support. As an expert tool that maintains normal heart rhythm and helps to effectively control blood pressure, experts unanimously point to magnesium. Providing daily high doses of pure magnesium, MagCombo is a reliable ally in the hands of professionals. The metropolitan cardiologist Dr. Vasil Kolev was also convinced of its qualities, whose clinical practice has unequivocally confirmed that MagCombo can be trusted.

MagCombo supports the most stressed muscle – the heart

Magnesium is the element with the most tangible and important participation in the enzymatic processes of our body and is a cofactor in over 300 enzymatic reactions. It is considered incredibly important for the maintenance of our general health, for the prevention of a number of serious diseases, as well as for the treatment of those that have already arisen. The main role of magnesium is to take care of the balance of the nervous and muscular system. And the strongest and at the same time the most overworked muscle in our body is the heart.

As a practicing cardiologist with clinical experience in the busiest hospitals in the country, I would say that choosing a good magnesium product is the first condition for effective magnesium therapy. Given its brilliant product features and reported positive effects on patients, I recommend MagCombo (Magnesium Complex). It delivers a concentrated amount of pure magnesium to the body, which is absorbed to a very large extent. I have successfully used MagCombo in therapeutic regimens to regulate the heart rhythm as well as to improve the control of hypertension (high blood pressure) and have seen good results. The recommended intake of just 1 MagCombo capsule per day makes it easier for patients. They feel good and happy.

Dr. Vasil Kolev, cardiologist, UMBAL “Alexandrovska” – Clinic for propaedeutics of internal diseases “Prof. Stoyan Kirkovich”, Sofia


When we hear diabetes, our first association is with sugar. Did you know that with established diabetes, especially when it is not well controlled, an accelerated process of magnesium disposal is triggered in the body, which quickly leads to critically low levels of the vital mineral. When they got there, the symptoms immediately appeared – cramps, tingling and cramps in the limbs, fatigue. And the worst thing is that the more magnesium we have lost, the more difficult it is to control sugar.

To prevent their patients from falling into this vicious circle, endocrinologists recommend a daily intake of magnesium in high doses. Delivering a whopping 185mg of pure magnesium with each capsule, MagCombo is now an essential part of the specialist’s kit, and the results are definitive.

MagCombo is the right choice for diabetes

In decompensated type 2 diabetes mellitus, magnesium is vigorously excreted in the urine and the body quickly falls into hypomagnesemia (critically low magnesium levels). Compensating for the deficiency through food alone cannot be achieved. In these cases, additional intake of magnesium is mandatory.

For the therapy to be effective, diabetics need to take high amounts of magnesium, which I achieve with the product MagCombo. Due to the concentrated content of magnesium and the appropriate combination of B vitamins, it not only normalizes magnesium levels in people suffering from diabetes, but also relieves the symptoms of diabetic polyneuropathy. After 3 months of therapy with MagCombo at a dose of 2 capsules per day, we report very good results with the patients – an effect on muscle weakness and improved blood sugar control, and burning feet and legs, tingling, intolerance to blankets and pain are significantly reduced.

Dr. Margarita Vitkina, endocrinologist, MC “Vitclinic”, Sofia


Undoubtedly, the birth of an heir at home is the greatest joy. And if the whole nine months pass like clockwork, then we have also been overtaken by a huge dose of luck. However, a good coincidence is as rare as a white swallow, and the danger of premature contractions lurks as early as the fifth month. The only natural remedy that has the power to soothe the uterus is magnesium. Therefore, it is no coincidence that obstetrician-gynecologists benefit to the greatest extent from its power in their work. And given its professionally formulated composition with concentrated amounts of pure magnesium, MagCombo is the first choice of professionals who use it to control the situation quickly and successfully.

I have successfully applied MagCombo to various conditions

My personal observations from practice show that MagCombo, applied in a dose of one capsule per day, successfully affects the presence of painful muscle cramps in patients during pregnancy. As a magnesium product containing a concentrated amount of pure magnesium, it is impressively effective.

I have also successfully used MagCombo to manage preterm labor symptoms (such as lower abdominal pain) and the results have been excellent. In these conditions, I recommend the maximum therapeutic dose – 2 capsules per day. MagCombo has a quick effect, and this is of particular importance for successfully dealing with such situations.

Dr. Elena Pirnareva, obstetrician-gynecologist at the Maternity Clinic at the UAGB “Mother’s House”, Sofia


Manufactured in France using the patented LICAPS™ technology, which allows liquids to be sealed in hard gelatin capsules, MagCombo has no analogue in its formula – an oily magnesium solution. Thanks to its oily appearance and expertly formulated composition, it meets the three most important requirements for an effective magnesium product: 1. Contains high concentrations of pure magnesium; 2. It is fully absorbed by the body; 3. Gives quick and visible results.


MagCombo Oil Magnesium passes slowly through the intestines, providing the two prerequisites the body needs to achieve full absorption – time and surface area. In this way, it reaches the highest known level of absorption in the body – up to 90%. It has been laboratory-proven that the oily substance provides many times better absorption. Its performance is further enhanced by the high content of vitamin C, the presence of which is the most important biological factor responsible for the full absorption of magnesium.


Formulated to meet the daily needs of an adult, MagCombo provides maximum concentrations of pure magnesium – as much as 185 mg in each capsule. For comparison, in the most widely distributed magnesium products, the content of pure magnesium is on average about 35 mg. Therefore, the recommended daily dose of just 1 capsule of MagCombo provides what would otherwise take 5-6 tablets of regular magnesium powder.

Just 1 MagCombo capsule is enough for the day

I often prescribe magnesium therapy in my practice, as magnesium is vital for the body. My professional recommendation is directed to the product MagCombo (Magnesium Complex) because it has a number of important advantages. Its complex composition (magnesium + vitamins C, B6, B2 and B12) ensures its multidirectional beneficial effect on health. With its oil form, it is fully absorbed by the body, and this is the most important condition for a working magnesium product. Only 1 capsule of MagCombo is enough to provide the necessary number of useful substances for the day.

Dr. Ivo Pavlov, general practitioner, III POLYCLINIC, Haskovo


The specialized combination of active substances in MagCombo (Magnesium Complex) – magnesium oil plus vitamin C, B6, B2 and B12 – ensures its multidirectional beneficial effect on health. MagCombo has a relaxing and relaxing effect on the muscles and is extremely useful for muscle cramps (cramps) and numbness. It improves sleep and brain activity, as well as neuro-psychic balance. The complex of functional ingredients in MagCombo eliminates the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, as well as the negative effects of stress. In addition to all these benefits, MagCombo affects joint mobility, bone and joint health, skin condition and maintaining normal blood pressure.