Collanol – An End to Joint Pain

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Collanol – An End to Joint Pain

Oct 9, 2022

Collanol – The revolutionary discovery delighted local specialists

An end to joint pain was promised by world capacities in the field of medicine and technology, relying on the latest discoveries – intact collagen and micellar curcumin. Their clinically proven effectiveness, which was supported by the American researcher and immunologist Dr. Jim Lugo and his German colleague Frank Beenam at the international health conference, held in our country under the title “Keeping up with innovation: New possibilities for dealing with joint diseases”, impressed native doctors. The special developments contained only in the product for healthy joints Collanol set a new era in the fight against the wear and tear of joint cartilage.

Relying on the power of intact collagen, also called by the term undenatured, Collanol is able to achieve a beneficial effect on the joints that ordinary collagens could not even at a hundred times higher doses. With its fully preserved three-dimensional molecule, it is the only nutrient known to medicine so far that can make the body repair itself. The results of the conducted clinical studies are unequivocal and clearly indicate that only after 30 days a significant improvement is felt – pain decreases and mobility improves. Words behind which in a special interview stood not just anyone, but the inventor of the undenatured collagen in Collanol – the state scientist Jim Lugo. Here’s what he said:

What is the superiority of Collanol, which contains UC-II®, over ordinary collagen products?

I believe there are two reasons why undenatured UC-II® type II collagen is superior to other conventional types of collagens. The first is related to the fact that the dose is very small and the intake is carried out only once a day. The second reason concerns the results of clinical studies, which unequivocally indicate that there is a benefit from taking UC-II®.

The effectiveness of the special undenatured collagen UC-II® in Collanol has been evaluated with clinical studies. What do they show?

Clinical studies show that when taking 40 mg of UC-II® once a day (that’s how much is put into 1 capsule of Collanol), within 30 days a significant improvement in symptoms related to pain in the knee joints and difficult mobility. Over time, this improvement increases.

Does this mean that the time when joint problems will be completely solved has come?

I find UC-II® extremely beneficial for people suffering from joint pain. The dose of 40 mg once a day and the fact that it is a natural product with minimal or no side effects are very important to them.

Dr. Jim Lugo, USA, Immunology Researcher, Inventor of Intact Collagen

No less attention was won by the second innovative ingredient of Collanol – micellar curcumin. Harnessing the power of nanotechnology to make nature work well enough for humans, German scientists from the University of Hohenheim have developed the most effective and powerful turmeric extract. They achieved an absorption level that exceeded 185 times that of raw turmeric consumed as a spice. Presenting the secrets of success to native doctors, the head of the manufacturing company – Mr. Frank Beenam, confidently relied on uncompromising German quality. Here’s what he quickly revealed:

What was the challenge that led your company to develop micellar curcumin?

Curcumin is known to be a health food ingredient. Unfortunately, you have to eat large amounts to reap the benefits of this plant extract. For this reason, we try to improve its strength through micellar technology.

Micellar curcumin was developed in Germany. Are we to understand that he has all the guarantees of German quality?

That’s right. We do it at our state-of-the-art plant in Darmstadt. This is the purest product, the gold standard for turmeric-derived curcumin in the entire world! We are proud to make it in Germany.

Frank Beenam, CEO of AQUA NOVA, maker of micellar curcumin

Having brought together specialists from all fields of medicine in our country, the international forum raised dozens of questions, which doctors hurried to ask the authoritative speakers. Regardless of their specialties, however, all present were unanimous that Collanol is an innovation that has no analogues and is especially needed in their practice to relieve patients’ joint complaints.

Patients get a new kind of treatment.

“I am impressed by the lectures, which presented up-to-date and new information. We have known about collagen for a long time, but now we have learned new facts that enable doctors to be useful to their patients and patients to get a new kind treatment. I am impressed by the possibility of influencing with the new formula – intact collagen – also on healthy people who after physical overload get relevant disorders, as mentioned in the lectures. The lectures were at a very high level. We heard things that are currently for the first time are being brought to the public for the first time, and I hope they will be useful to both physicians and our patients.”

Dr. Genovei Uzunov, neurologist, Kanev UMBAL – Ruse

In Collanol, nature works to the maximum.

“The scientific event itself gave me pleasure with the fact that I connected science with treatment with biological products, i.e. nature already enters the treatment. In my practice, the use of biological products is advocated, and mostly because that their harmlessness is proven because we are part of nature and it always works for us as long as we use it to its fullest. And in this particular case we see that science has gone down to the level of nanotechnology and actually maximizes the effect, the positive effect of the use of biological substances.”

Dr. Petar Dimitrov, general practitioner, Vratsa

Skillfully combining the two cutting edge developments in the field of joint health, combined in a double capsule to ensure their targeted release, Collanol is the modern approach to impacting joint problems. It makes the body repair the damaged areas and relieves inflammation, even if you only take 1 capsule a day. Collanol is especially valuable both for people whose joints sometimes “creak” and for those whose condition has become more complicated. Confirmed by the personal experience of the first people who tried it, as well as by clinical studies, it improves the condition of the joints in osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the articular cartilage), limits pain, improves knee extension and promotes longer physical activity, regardless of age.